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American writer John Royce was inspired by a long-time love of horses and riding. 20 years of riding and training experience and a study of history sparked this award-winning historical fiction adventure ... which literally spans the ages. (See full bio)

“Thrilling and intelligent fantasy … great blend of academic and adventurous reading that is beach-ready.” ~ US Review of Books

“One of those works you will remember forever…” ~ Reader Views Literary Awards

“Captives on a carousel of time … illuminated with the touch, scent, and emotion that only a true horseman could know and understand” ~ Top 50 Amazon Reviewer

“Vivid historical tale through the ages … great plot and character development, wonderful descriptions of equine history, and a tension-ridden cliffhanging ending that will leave you gnawing at the bit for more.” ~ Historical Novel Society


Young Meagan Roberts discovers her new foal is a Great Horse of legend ... and is carried into an incredible adventure in history.

This first volume is the darkest book of the trilogy: the journey begins in prehistoric times and follows Meagan's harrowing encounters with Roman chariot racing, the vast horseback army of Genghis Khan and thundering knights of Chivalry.

Eclipsed by Shadow won mainstream critical praise and several national awards including the Eric Hoffer Award for Young Adult Fiction, and the Mom's Choice Award Gold for Young Adult Fantasy.

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The Golden Spark continues the adventure mid-calamity, finding our heroine an unwitting stowaway aboard a Spanish conquistador's ship, and follows her adventures into the dawn of the modern age.

A final brush with historical violence in Spain's New World opens the second volume, but the tone lightens as the journey travels through the European Renaissance.

The Golden Spark won the 2012 Written Arts Awards for best Science Fiction/Fantasy.

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The journey through history speeds to conclusion in the final book, Into the Dark. Promise gallops Meagan into the American West and headlong through the tumultuous 20th Century ... provoking questions about the future.

Into the Dark won Best Classic in the 2016 Reader Views Literary Awards, and was honored by inclusion in the Midwest Book Review's Children's Bookwatch.

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