It’s a great time to be alive, watching the wheels of history turning and trying to avoid being run over. It feels like that in publishing right now, between the ongoing demise of booksellers and big publishing houses and the oncoming wave of technologies such as Print on Demand (POD), e-book readers, and of course this good ol’ fashioned internet.

bookstoreAdding to the excitement is star-devouring Google’s massive copyright infringement, another business-suit heist in an era that seems to be caught in a vast boardroom crime wave. I will have more to say about this: my debut work, Eclipsed by Shadow, was one of over 5 million titles scanned illegally by Google in cahoots with several American libraries (of all places). (Begging the question: if a crime is large enough, is it still a crime?)

For now I just want to wish everyone a happy 2010, and hope your holidays were warm and dry and filled with love and friends. I’m looking forward to the new year and I wish everyone the best in their endeavors. A new day is upon us…

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