A Ship in Trouble

The opening scene from The Golden Spark (Book #2 of The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy … after Meagan escaped a medieval mob at the end of Book #1: Eclipsed by Shadow.

The opening scene from The Golden Spark, Book #2 of The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy … set in 1519 AD.

Appleton's ColumbusTHE FLOOR ROLLED sharply and Meagan fell hard against a wall. A tide of cold water sloshed over her feet. All around in the darkness were piercing screams of horses and the thudding concussion of hooves. The floor rolled the other way and Meagan felt herself sliding. She leaned to stay against the wall, but there was nothing to hold.

Putting a hand out in front of her, she touched the soft hair of an equine coat. The tilt of the floor pressed her against the horse as saltwater and the smell of fish washed over her. Meagan felt for mane and grasped the hair tightly. The animal slipped and scrambled as the floor rose to its steepest before beginning to roll back. The horse’s body shook with a frightened whinny.

“Easy there, that’s a good horse.” Meagan felt around in the dark. The lead rope was tied to a heavy iron ring. She grasped it as the floor rolled past level and started its new tilt. She had moved again—but this time the sensation of flying had been replaced by a simple melt into this new place. What were the words she had said? “Promise, please take me home,” she said to the air, and repeated it, but there was no response …

The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy is an adventure through history … the above excerpt is from the chapter “Dragons” set in 1519 AD during the invasion of Mexico. The section does contain historical portrayals that, while accurate, may not be enjoyed by young or sensitive readers.

The Golden Spark (Book #2) won the 2011 Written Arts Awards for best Science Fiction/Fantasy.


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