Book III: Into the Dark

Book 2 Synopsis

Into the Dark is the final book of The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy, continuing the journey through history immediately after the ending of the second volume, The Golden Spark.

As Book III opens, Meagan is awoken by a cowboy and his pair of horses. She is on a wide prairie in 1860’s Texas, and soon finds herself working to pay her way in the nearest town. Her Old West adventures become Civil War adventures when she travels to Kentucky, finding unlikely romance amid the hardships of the trail.

History has sped up to a gallop and Meagan spends less time in each as she approaches her own time, tumbling through events with the great horse Man O’War and enduring a vignette of a World War II battlefield. Readers depart history in a final section on a new sport promising to preserve horsemanship into the modern age ... before coming to understand the reason for her journey in the surprising conclusion.

Book 2 Excerpts

Something About a Horse (Texas, USA — 1861)
“Nice teeth ... for a parrot.”

The Birthright of Eagles (New York, USA — 1919)
... the horse uncoiled and lifted, and the gallop was not a gallop anymore but a bolt and she was shooting through a tunnel of wind

A Pale Horse (Poland — 1940)
Her thoughts flashed to another battlefield, another time ... the chariots were coming...

To Fly Without Wings (Mexico — 1968)
The stadium erupted in cheers when the pony trotted out before the crowd.

Meagan found herself growing angry; no one seemed to know how to care for the animal properly.

John Royce introduces us to one of those works you will remember forever...

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An adventure about the love of horses young and old will love to read...

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