The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy: Excerpts

Amazon Top 50 Reviewer: “Don’t listen to anyone who tries to label this trilogy as a work of juvenile fiction. It is much more than that.”

The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy combines page-turning adventure and and well-researched history–no prior knowledge or special interest in horses is required.


The opening book, Eclipsed by Shadow takes readers from a quiet modern-day setting to an epic adventure through mankind’s past.

There is no illicit language, sex or gratuitous violence, but the accurately-rendered historical scenes may not suit young or sensitive readers.

Horses had been Meagan’s life since she had first been lifted onto Moose’s broad back. Her books were horse books; her toys, horse toys. Riding lessons and a pony were all Meagan wished for on birthdays and Christmases. Every conversation included horses. [read full excerpt]
The elderly woman waited as the tea was poured, accepting her cup with a polite murmur. “I am afraid, Jennifer, that by the end of this meeting you will quite think me a crazy old lady.” [read full excerpt]
The herd’s stallion trotted fretfully around the edges of his band. A stallion may choose his group but he is not the boss. Equine society is based on friendships and roles—the stallion was waiting for the group’s leader to make a decision, and he wished she would hurry. [read full excerpt]
Meagan expected the horses to whirl away, erupting in stampede. She scrambled to avoid being trampled and was stopped by a wall of packed earth. But no horse wheeled and ran, no horse gave alarm. All stood in rigid silence, immobile, and she did the same. [read full excerpt]
There was everywhere and nowhere to run. People scattered before the galloping horses and their bristling chariots of bronze. Meagan leapt out of the path of an oncoming team. Hooves pounded across her footprints. [read full excerpt]
“The driver listens to no one. Fame has deafened his ears.” Horace stepped into the early morning sun. His marred face was ugly in the naked light and Meagan fought her urge to step back. [read full excerpt]
Horn answered horn throughout the camps. A rippling change went through the horse nation. The few not yet mounted swung aboard. Meagan’s group moved out. The camp leaders rode ahead, each holding a blazing torch. [read full excerpt]
A thought came to her … if she could only get close enough to Targa. “I don’t know about the Tatar men,” she answered innocently. “But their horses have a weak spot. I could show you. Take me to any horse with a bridle on it, say … oh, the pony I was riding would be perfect. For a demonstration, I mean.” [read full excerpt]
Meagan walked around the huge beast. The horse’s eyes were small in his coarse, heavy head. His throatlatch was undefined and the upright “mutton” shoulders meant he would offer an uncomfortable, jarring trot. “No Henryk, I think you can do better.” [read full excerpt]


The second book, The Golden Spark, continues the historical adventure after the Dark Ages … the first section which deals with the early Conquistadors may not suit very young or sensitive readers.
THE FLOOR ROLLED sharply and Meagan fell hard against a wall. A tide of cold water sloshed over her feet. All around in the darkness were piercing screams of horses and the thudding concussion of hooves. [read full excerpt]
“My Brother has not heard the Captain’s orders. That can be the only explanation.” An uncomfortable moment passed as the men contemplated each other. “Unless his wine has made him forgetful.” [read full excerpt]
“It is wise to be careful of looking into fires, young one.” The woman’s voice was soft and low. “You do not know what might be looking back.” [read full excerpt]
Robert tugged on the reins and Nero swished his tail, tucking his head behind the bit and chewing voraciously. “He seems a bit sluggish,” Robert commented loudly. “Why? He used to be so spirited.” [read full excerpt]
Both men turned to look at Meagan. She smiled and gave an embarrassed wave. Pink satin was hardly farm apparel. [read full excerpt]


Into the Dark, the third and final book of
The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy, concludes the historical adventure with a galloping ride through the Old West and into the 20th century … and beyond.
“Nice teeth,” she said innocently, opening the buckskin’s lips, “for a parrot.” Smiling, she sidled up to a potential buyer and pointed at the horse’s rear portion. “You look like a horseman, so tell me … would you say the horse is sickle-hocked, or just cat-hammed? It’s hard to tell, isn’t it, on account of the goose rump?” [read full excerpt]
Only once did she truly gallop on a Thoroughbred. Her mount had been a claim horse on a backwater racetrack, a “prospect” being bought by her trainer. She remembered letting the reins out a notch and standing in the stirrups, feeling the horse opening his stride. [read full excerpt]
In all directions Meagan saw multicolored forms, misshapen and sprawled, but her eyes would not focus, could not comprehend the thousand squirming remains of a massacre. [read full excerpt]
Programs fluttered onto the arena floor as the crowd’s appreciation drowned the loudspeakers’ sound. The pony looked around the filled stadium, seeming not to understand what all the fuss was about. [read full excerpt]
The gray stallion was held between handlers in upbeat yellow shirts, standing before a small crowd of helpers wearing matching green Animal Hero t-shirts. Meagan found herself growing angry; no one seemed to know how to care for the animal properly. [read full excerpt]

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