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Allie Sumner | Allie's Opinions

A very satisfying end to an amazing trilogy!

Into the Dark is the last book in the Legend of the Great Horse trilogy. As our journey with Meagan comes to a very unanticipated end, the story continues to capture the imagination and emotions as well, if not better than the first two books. The story is swarming with revelations, history, action and (finally) a bit of romance. We even get a glimpse into a very unappealing and suppressed possible future.

Meagan and Dan didn’t have the most auspicious start. Their “relationship” was very rewarding for me as a reader. The journey of their story is my favorite part of the entire trilogy. It came across as very authentic and genuine. Out of all the characters in The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy, Dan is the one I feel like I know the most. Other than the main character (Meagan), of course.

The history portrayed in this and all the books in this trilogy are as close as your going to get to being there. John Royce took a few liberties but, all in all I feel like I’ve just returned from a short sojourn to the wild west. I continue to be dazzled by his capacity to weave fact with fiction.

The characters remain strikingly realistic and there is a very unpredictable (at least for me) twist at the end of the story.

John Royce’s writing is fluid and captivating. The entire trilogy comes full circle for a grand finale that ties up every single loose end.

Additionally, I would like to add that the story had a happyish ending. Usually, this kind of “ish” ending would have me a bit irritable. However, for this story the ending was satisfying and appropriate.

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John Royce introduces us to one of those works you will remember forever...

Danelle Drake, Reader Views

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