The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy - Book III: Into the Dark

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INTO THE DARK was featured in the Midwest Book Review’s June 2013 issue of Children's Bookwatch

The third and final novel of the award-winning Legend of the Great Horse trilogy, Into the Dark is the culmination of a teenager’s mysterious voyage through time and history, in which she witnesses firsthand how horses have been a “silent partner” in human civilization.

Into the Dark explores the horse’s critical role in the American West and continues the human-equine journey to the 20th century and beyond. Horse lovers of all ages will enjoy this thoughtful, character-driven adventure!

Also highly recommended are the previous novels in the series, Book I: Eclipsed by Shadow and Book II: The Golden Spark.

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John Royce introduces us to one of those works you will remember forever...

Danelle Drake, Reader Views

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