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May 16, 2008 | Micron Press is excited to present the final version of the book cover art for Eclipsed by Shadow. Popular Canadian artist Marti Adrian has delivered a stunning piece of original artwork that captures the themes of this unique and engaging story.

The central motif of the richly imagined work is based on an ancient Greek coin featuring Pegasus, the flying horse of mythology. “Eclipsing” this shining Pegasus is the Great Horse Promise, the main equine character of the book. Accurately rendered colorful scenes from the story surround the central coin, placed in rotation around an arc to symbolize the book’s underlying theme of progress in horsemanship and the advance of civilized life.

Marti Adrian is an artist based in Canada with a special talent for horses. One current project by Adrian is gaining world-wide recognition, Lewis Lavoie’s mural mosaic entitled, Le Cadeau du Cheval (The Horse Gift), in which each mosaic panel is a separate painting by individual artists from all over the world. Another current mosaic project for Adrian is The Glory of Horses, a fundraiser for the rescue and support of unwanted horses. Adrian’s attitudes are noted on her website (www.MartiAdrian.com): “Nothing brings me more pleasure than to portray an animal, especially those magnificent horses … if one of my pieces brings some emotion to your heart, then I have done my job.”

Marti Adrian’s artwork will be displayed on both the upcoming Summer 2008 softcover edition of Eclipsed by Shadow, and also a hardcover gift edition to be published later in the year.


Eclipsed by Shadow is the first book of a new trilogy, The Legend of the Great Horse, arriving this Summer 2008 with a fresh and original look at the colorful role of horses in civilization. The book is available for review upon request.

Anthony Jones
Micron Press | Marketing Director

Further information about this unique and imaginative novel can be found at www.TheGreatHorse.com.


For more information or to schedule an interview with the author, please contact:

Anthony Jones
Micron Press | Marketing Director

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