Legend Sends Girl on Time-Travel Journey


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Mysterious Horse Legend Sends Girl on Time-Travel Journey

Once there was a Great Horse–so the legends say according to one elderly woman. But Meagan cannot believe her horse, Promise, is the one the legend speaks about. Then dishonest horse trainers try to steal Promise, and Meagan’s rescue efforts send her on a most unexpected adventure.

BOSTON, MA September 18, 2008 — Horses have been mankind’s companions since the dawn of civilization. Today many people no longer have relationships with horses, but author John Royce reminds us how closely people and horses have always been linked in Eclipsed by Shadow: The Legend of the Great Horse, Book I of III (ISBN 9780972412131, Micron Press 2008).

When Meagan Robert’s horse, Promise, is born, everyone is interested in the special palomino, especially Ms. Bridgestone, who tells Meagan the legend of the Great Horse throughout history. Ms. Bridgestone believes Promise is the next in line of the Great Horses, but Meagan cannot believe it until crooked horse trainers attempt to steal Promise. Trying to protect her horse, Meagan mounts and is astonished when Promise sprouts wings and turns into “The Great Horse.”

Meagan’s astonishment has only begun. Soon she finds herself traveling back in time to 20,000 B.C. and then forward through history, learning how the horse has been used since the dawn of civilization. She becomes a Roman slave tending chariot racing horses, and visits the Crusades where horses were blindfolded to participate in jousting matches. Throughout her experiences, Meagan uses her 21st century equine insight to survive while helping people understand the true nature of horses.

Eclipsed by Shadow is Book I of III in the “Legend of the Great Horse” trilogy. The legend of the Great Horse is one of an angel who asked to serve mankind when Adam and Eve were cast from Eden. The Lord granted the wish by turning the angel into the Great Horse. Since that time, the Great Horse has returned again and again to serve humanity. This first exciting volume tells the story of the Great Horse through the Middle Ages, while successive volumes will carry the story back up to the twenty-first century.

Author John Royce spent considerable time studying the historical role of horses in cultures throughout the world–from food for prehistoric man to their role in warfare and sport. Royce states that he wrote Eclipsed by Shadow because “the horse is our common legacy” and he wants to remind people no longer familiar with horses of that important relationship. Readers will find themselves caught up in both the instructive history and the fascinating historical episodes Meagan and Promise witness. The novel’s sequels will be eagerly awaited.

About the Author

John Royce is a writer and horseman from Texas who now lives in Boston, Massachusetts. The move to Boston fueled his interest in history, which he combined with his twenty years of training and competitive riding to create his spell binding ode to horsemanship, Eclipsed by Shadow.

Eclipsed by Shadow: The Legend of the Great Horse, Book I of III
(ISBN 9780972412131, Micron Press 2008) can be purchased through local and online bookstores.

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