Taking a Break for the Holidays

horse2I want to wish everyone great holidays … I’m going to be away from blogging and social media for a while. I’m preparing for a move, never a minor incident in Boston. I’m also gearing up for next year and the release of the second volume of the trilogy, The Golden Spark. “Yikes” is my main thought about that right now :)

The first book of the trilogy, Eclipsed by Shadow, was published in 2008 to a starred review in Library Journal and won several honors including first place in the Eric Hoffer Book Award for YA, and second in the Reader Views Literary Awards for Fantasy. It was exciting as a debut author to learn the ropes a bit, and daunting to see how much more there is to learn in this fast-changing environment. Most of all I’ve enjoyed getting to know readers and receiving their support–that has been the biggest thrill of this adventure beyond the actual writing.

Besides the release of the sequel to Eclipsed by Shadow, my goal for the new year is to expand my online presence to reach out to new (and old!) readers, and to become effective in communicating through social media. There’s a much-needed website upgrade in the near future, and an initiative to become more involved on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.

I wish everyone a fantastic holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

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