All the Great Horses: Artwork by Marti Adrian Gregory for the trilogy

Photo of Marti Adrian Gregory with painting

A new page has been created to display all the bookcover artwork! The artwork series offers a journey through history.

Marti Adrian Gregory is the trilogy’s artist and creator of all the original historical figures from the story … each of the Great Horses can be seen together, now that the work is complete.

Book awards

To support the launch of the finished book covers by Marti Adrian this fall, there is supposed to be ‘marketing’ going on. That hardly makes sense because it’s my book. Instead I’d like to refresh the trilogy’s awards … something I’ve wanted to do because they were rushed together at the time.

The first award for Eclipsed by Shadow was the Reader Views Literary Awards, winning second in the Historical Fiction category in 2009.

Absolutely it was exciting, and also because the honor showed the story engaged with people who didn’t especially know or even like horses.

It was my hope to engage people with no particular interest in horses, yet who might enjoy them and don’t know it.

The horse’s human story deserves to be remembered–and as many horse-lovers know, it is a joyful experience to share.

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