Eclipsed by Shadow: E-book Giveaways on LibraryThing

Announcing 2 Giveaways of Eclipsed by Shadow ebooks on LibraryThing

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Giveaway #1 ends December 17, 2011

Giveaway #2 will be open from Dec. 18 – 23rd
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Book II: “The Golden Spark” … two new Giveaways

"The Golden Spark" - Book 2 of "The Legend of the Great Horse"The initial Book Launch Giveaway ended this week, attracting 801 entries on Goodreads!

Two new Giveaways begin today and tomorrow (Sunday 12/4/10) at Goodreads and LibraryThing for the final Advance Review Copies of the new volume, “The Golden Spark.”

Goodreads Book Giveaway of “Eclipsed by Shadow”

Enter the Goodreads Book Giveaway of “Eclipsed by Shadow” (November 15-21, 2011)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Eclipsed By Shadow (The Legend of the Great Horse, #1) by John Allen Royce

Eclipsed By Shadow

by John Allen Royce

Giveaway ends November 21, 2010.

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