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The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy is sponsoring a new horse-related website launching this weekend.

The name of the site is, and its purpose is to promote equestrian sport by aggregating links to coverage and related content online. The site is set to go ‘live’ on Sunday April 21, 2013.

Clean Round! is a non-profit project I’m creating with experience and resources gained though sharing the trilogy’s story. Horse sports are continuing the journey of horsemanship in our time, so the site is natural project for the trilogy to sponsor.

Why a Show Jumping site?

Horsemanship has a great diversity of engaging and unique sports. My own background was in Western trail-riding, which eventually led to eventing. I also competed in Dressage and Hunter/Jumper shows as preparation for what was called Combined Training in Texas during the late 1970s.

Clean Round! is a Show Jumping project because it is adaptable, humane, and has great potential as a spectator sport. People don’t watch sports as much as they watch games and Jumping can be an excellent game to watch. In that role the sport can help sustain a connection between horses and the public.

This is also an historic year for the sport. With sponsorship from Furusiyya funded by Saudi Arabian interests, Show Jumping is embarking on a new international framework for the team Nations Cup series.

It’s a new idea and an experiment, one I hope helps bring positive exposure to great reporting and initiatives happening in the horse world.

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