Cover Design for “The Golden Spark”

The trade cover for The Golden Spark (Book II of The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy), published by Micron Press was designed by Allen Griffith of Eye 4 Design based in Austin, TX.

The striking cover of The Golden Spark (Book 2 of The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy ~ Micron Press) was designed by Allen Griffith of Eye 4 Design.

"The Golden Spark" bookcoverThe image features a gold coin on display in a drawing room of Versailles, the famous royal château of the 17th-Century King Louis XIV of France.

The coin is a reimagined period currency minted to honor one of the equine characters of The Golden Spark … shown performing the Capriole, one of the Airs Above the Ground of the Haute École, or High School, of dressage.

Eye 4 Design specializes in quality custom graphic design, and produced a stunningly rich image while remaining faithful to the book’s historically accurate scenes. The design continues the central ‘coin’ theme of Book I: Eclipsed by Shadow while artistically reflecting changes in color, variety and complexity that attended the rebirth of European culture in the Renaissance.

Eye 4 Design is a specialty commercial graphics design firm based in Austin, TX, delivering quality custom work for both business and individual clients. For more information contact Allen Griffith @ 512-454-5471.

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