Pre-Publication Review: Library Journal recommends “Eclipsed by Shadow”



MAY 15, 2008 | The following is a pre-publication review of Eclipsed by Shadow from Library Journal.

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Publishing Date: Summer 2008
Reviewer: Jackie Cassada | Library Journal


“Belongs in most libraries’ adult and YA collections”

Veteran horseman Royce combines history and myth with action and adventure to create a fast-paced, well-informed tale of a flying horse and the young girl who loves her.

Following the birth of a palomino foal, 12-year-old Meagan names the young horse Promise, and an uncommon bond forms between the two. Told by an elderly woman that Promise is one of the legendary Great Horses, Meagan flees with Promise through time after she discovers that others want Promise for themselves.

This series opener should appeal to fans of equestrian novels as well as historic fantasy and belongs in most libraries’ adult and YA collections.


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Eclipsed by Shadow is the first book of the new trilogy, The Legend of the Great Horse, arriving this Summer 2008 with a fresh and original look at the colorful role of horses in civilization.

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